China is a devil country. This world does not forget the barbarity of Thiyaman where thousands of students were massacred.

China is a poisonous country that is destroying human rights in its country and writing a new history of the brutality of communism.

China prepared the corona virus in its laboratory and spread it all over the world for its ambitious plan of economic excellence and pushed the entire world into the well of death. China’s hands are stained with the death of millions.

China is destroying the economies of other countries of the world by producing cheap and inferior variety of products in its country as a result of brutally of low wages and long hours wages.

Providing excessive amounts of debt to vulnerable countries and acquiring their important strategic and economic assets if they can not repay timely.

It is so surprising that in the country where Corona was born, the graph of death is very low, whereas in the countries where it was spread by China in America, Europe, Asia, there has been an orgy of death.

Pakistan, Nepal and some small countries are playing into the hands of China and pushing their country and people into a cruel future of destruction. Due to China’s imperialist policies, China wants to establish its hegemony by weakening the countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Bhutan, Thailand, Taiwan, Honkong, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia.

The people of Tibet are finding it difficult to live with terror and barbarism by unauthorized occupation. China wants to seize parts of independent India by creating a deadlock on the border with India. If the whole world still does not go against the destructive thinking of this communist devil and imperialism, then in future generations there will be such a negative depiction of the present descendants as perhaps no other example will be found anywhere in history.

The whole world will have to come together and isolate China and give birth to democracy there for better life of human generation.

The economy of all important countries, big and small, is on the verge of ruin due to Corona. Millions of people have left their lives in great pain and suffering while still millions are standing in that line of death. Indian society will have to abandon the use of every small or big Chinese material. The people of India must determine whether anything can be more important to us than the sacrifice of 20 brave soldiers of our country by deception of Chinese arm goons.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat


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