When we don’t accept ourselves then we get oversensitive to rejection.

When we don’t accept our-self then we lose faith in ourselves and feel weakness in our conscious and subconscious mind.

Instead of defeating others it is necessary to accept oneself in order to keep oneself superior and one step ahead.

Remember that when you do not accept yourself, then this world also will not accept you. If you want to mold your life in the copy of others, then you will destroy your existence but at the same time, you are losing faith in the power of God which has made you very special.

When you do not accept yourself, you will start giving more recognition to material things and will feel lonely because things cannot take the place of feelings. When you cannot accept yourself you will not be able to find Jagaz to hide yourself. Truth will start seeing you enemies. Even in the waking state, nightmares will not let you sleep.

In the stage of accepting yourself, you will be able to find yourself and recognize the real goal of your life. This world is not so generous that they will come to solve all your problems and help you in achieving your goals. In fact, when you are not trusting yourself, then how will the other trust you.


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