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Life is too small to and it must be not spent in negetive drama. Live it fully with full energy and positive attitude. Don’t expect back but just give and give whatever you can give. Human life is greatest compliment itself and it is a gift from God.

Negativity will ruin your life and leave only bad footprints. Help always to needy person and give your best.

Rest is assured from God. Trust it and believe in yourself.



There is always a choice in life and that’s decide our today and tomorrow. It depends on what we choose either to choose ease one or best one. Giving up is an easiest way to run away from challanges but it can’t lead to something great.

There is always saying that making efforts is always win win situation because either you win or you learn from failure which will help you in advance times.

95% people in this world give up after some hard barrier while rest of 5% people break that hard barrier and creates history. Psychological research reveals that hard barriers or difficult situations is basically connected with mental toughness and relates to comfort zone also.

So don’t fear with failures because failure is a first step for success. Don’t stop until you get what you wanted. There is no place of regrets and crying in this world because world will test your affirmation first then only will follow you.

So get up my friends and don’t give up until you get your goals. is a platform that will always help you to find meaning of your life, achieve your goals.

✍️Tejhpal Singh