Hi Freinds,

Some people live in this world with superficial imaginary world and want success without breaking the comfort zone while some dreamers break the comfort zone and achieve success.

Whatever we work in life and achieve, this is always balanced with input and output. The more the input of passionate hard work poured will glow it’s shining wonderful.

In my views, hard work is always play a key role and control outcomes. Yes there may be different catalyst also that can push outcomes in qualitative and quantitative parameters.

A person who didn’t break his/her comfort zone but even succeed must be Superficial or God’s hand because in real world it doesn’t exist.

Blaming the world, country, government, policy, society and family may have more or less accountability but if someone else could succeed in same society with their dedicated passionate hard work then why people charge and dilute this success with different allegations rather than findings of input behind the real success story.

I can do, you can do and we can do if we dream, Confidence and break the comfort zone then you are also unstoppable.