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We as an individual, as a society and as a nation, in the fabric of any caste, religion, region, community and society, if we are unable to provide security and respect to a girl or woman then it is not only a failure as a society and a nation, but our achievement so far is zero.


That too when this society with the heritage of a great proud civilization and culture, which is known for giving ideal inspiration to the entire human race. The news of such ideology and abusive activities there is not only appalling, but this present day building asset of that history which in future will probably only speak of this bad deposit.

Such news creates mental turmoil and forces us to consider what society and ideology we are living and what kind of people are found around us. Uncivilized, snotty, barbarism and cruel mentality towards women is painful for any society and nation.

Politics and administration should be known for their infinite, irrational and unequaled excellence as a system of service to society and nation, but the rotten street smell of corrupt and indifferent mentality is the last mirror of this society is representing there too. This society will have to take the lead to change the ideology and mentality of this society and that dirt will have to be eliminated.

Some uncultured wild animals in the guise of humans who are part of this society as wolves playing against the dignity of a woman. They have to have a hellish torture in a living state so that they can feel the pain that an innocent has paid due to their whims.

And at the same time, the seeds of ideology reflecting the awareness of women honor in the society will also have to be sown. The coming generation will have to be meditated in the sacrificial furnace right from childhood so that every person can understand from the initial stage of their life that women and men are equally participants in the basic system of this nature.

The only solution to this is that women and men respect each other in advancing life, living to the fullest and achieving perfection with the principles of participation. It is also true that some selfish women, as a result of their personal aspirations and ideological downfall, have corrupted the woman’s dignity and wrongly acquired the sacred land of the nature in the name of being a woman, But we cannot provide a reason to hurt someone in response in the form of revenge.

Ideological and mental collapse has occurred on both sides and without going into its causes, the solution seems equally complex. There is a clear mention of some basic responsibility and maintenance of rituals in the law of nature for men and women, but its description does not fit the media business and is contrary to what is sold in the shop of bogus intellectuals.

There is no doubt that in today’s era, the evaluation of your words and terminology is decided based on how politically correct your views are? Are your thoughts in sync with the views of the bogus intellectuals or not? Otherwise you can be held communal and anti-constitutional.

The obligation in society to accept maximum performance of slutty and vulgarity is the definition of female respect for the inferior intellectual gang, but the ill effects of this poisonous thinking that weaken the society and the nation are reflected on the day.  Regardless of the country, time and circumstances, the nurturing of ideas in society determines the activities of that society.

We cannot deny the importance of the overall subject and its consequences by giving an example of exception. Originally, if seen, the culture and ideas that flourish in the environment around human beings only form the character and mental condition and direction of a person.

All such choices and gangs are present in this society, but as a part of this society and nation, we also have some responsibility of our own, which we cannot sit silent under the guise of contrary program being done in the background of some negative people.

If we are alive physically and mentally, then we have to work with some positive energy like alive people so that we can make this society and country better and cause the present and future generations to feel proud of it. We are able to make the country and society proud with pride.


Importance of Food.

The exchange of power in life goes on continuously as a sequence. One to the second and the third to the rest are formed. We can see this sequence of creation in our own body. There is a saying- ‘Just like food, like how mind. ‘Our body is made by the food we eat. It is also considered by modern medicine. Indian knowledge is above this.

Emotion is also important along with food; Because it satisfies the eater’s mind. The food is made with which emotion, with which emotion and affection, with which environment and emotion food is taken, etc. things have a direct effect on the mind.

A person performs actions to fulfill the desires of the mind. Desire cannot be born of the will of the person. To fulfill or not to do is the will of the person. When desire arises from some other power and it drives our life, then we automatically become instruments. Our system of intelligence decides, plans and directs the body accordingly. He gets involved in body work.

This means that mind is king, intellect and body are servants. Therefore, empowering the mind, which is our identity, is our first religion, so that our identity also remains the same. Its simplest and main route is food. Food is the first expression of every joy in Indian culture. From birth, marriage etc. to life, why not have any other expectation ahead of food, feast, party? Because life-force is associated with it. This makes the mind flourish. The environment also contributes to this.

Food reaches the body and makes juice. Blood, flesh, fennel, marrow, bone and semen are made from juice. The one who survives gets out as feces and urine. Here the bulk construction work ends.

The semen is further converted into energy, this is what makes a person’s mind. This is the ‘ooze’ of the face. This becomes the identity of personality. The importance of Brahmacharya should also be understood in this context. The qualities of food – Sattva, Raja, Tama become important parts of our personality. Therefore, food is important from every point of view.


Success and Unsuccess Review

People often blame others for their failure. 

This type of problem comes when the person does not want to do his own analysis. 

There can be many reasons for immediate success and failure, but at the root of it, telling others to be its culprit proves its own immaturity. 

We can comfort ourselves by finding such excuses for our own mental satisfaction, but this is nothing more than writing scripts of our own destruction. 

Somewhere at the root of failure, the person is responsible for himself and if he goes ahead by introspecting and correcting his shortcomings, amazing and promising results can be achieved.

We become enlightened scholars to analyze the good and evil of the whole world, but do not use even a fraction of its legitimacy to assess ourselves.

Failure in life is not such a big issue if the reasons and shortcomings of that failure are taken forward by accepting the experience and accepting it as learning. 

A person’s path of failure and destruction is paved only when he immerses himself in the sea of self-realization that he is the best and he has no self-shortage.

To transform failure into success, introspection with complete honesty and accepting its conclusion with positive thinking is necessary and a true fundamental change is necessary.


China is a devil country. This world does not forget the barbarity of Thiyaman where thousands of students were massacred.

China is a poisonous country that is destroying human rights in its country and writing a new history of the brutality of communism.

China prepared the corona virus in its laboratory and spread it all over the world for its ambitious plan of economic excellence and pushed the entire world into the well of death. China’s hands are stained with the death of millions.

China is destroying the economies of other countries of the world by producing cheap and inferior variety of products in its country as a result of brutally of low wages and long hours wages.

Providing excessive amounts of debt to vulnerable countries and acquiring their important strategic and economic assets if they can not repay timely.

It is so surprising that in the country where Corona was born, the graph of death is very low, whereas in the countries where it was spread by China in America, Europe, Asia, there has been an orgy of death.

Pakistan, Nepal and some small countries are playing into the hands of China and pushing their country and people into a cruel future of destruction. Due to China’s imperialist policies, China wants to establish its hegemony by weakening the countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Bhutan, Thailand, Taiwan, Honkong, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia.

The people of Tibet are finding it difficult to live with terror and barbarism by unauthorized occupation. China wants to seize parts of independent India by creating a deadlock on the border with India. If the whole world still does not go against the destructive thinking of this communist devil and imperialism, then in future generations there will be such a negative depiction of the present descendants as perhaps no other example will be found anywhere in history.

The whole world will have to come together and isolate China and give birth to democracy there for better life of human generation.

The economy of all important countries, big and small, is on the verge of ruin due to Corona. Millions of people have left their lives in great pain and suffering while still millions are standing in that line of death. Indian society will have to abandon the use of every small or big Chinese material. The people of India must determine whether anything can be more important to us than the sacrifice of 20 brave soldiers of our country by deception of Chinese arm goons.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat